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Demon Slayer Made Me Love Manga and Anime Again

  As some have noticed I’ve been very distant from writing reviews and really writing anything on this website. I went from a regular schedule to making posts for awhile to every so often until I just disappeared. I had plans to grow from this space and was given opportunities to write elsewhere, but that came to a halt as well. Some of this post is in part just me venting personal thoughts on my life and praising a title that made me get back into some of my favorite hobbies.


  I made a post sometime last year, that I deleted , about how a comment a family member made about my sexuality made me not want to write much less live. I thought I was in the clear a few months later, but I was far more disturbed and derailed by the comment than I thought. Before I knew it, I went from writing for multiple websites to not even being able to finish a manga volume or finish a single episode of an anime series at all. These were things I engaged in regularly without forcing myself to so looking at messages asking me, “Where are your reviews?”, “You should watch this and write about it,” or some variation of “I hope you write again” made me feel good inside, but I wasn’t necessarily motivated enough to rise above the depression that was holding me back.


Now that I’ve been in therapy for months, back in school for the first time in 7 years, and working new jobs that actually pertain to my career field, I feel slightly like a new person. I find myself still a bit depressed, but wanting to get myself back into enjoying the things that made me the nerd I am. I owe a small part of my return to my hobbies to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba.


  I read Volumes One and Two before the series became an anime and after it premiered, people reached out to me in hopes I’d watch it. I brushed it off a bit because Shonen titles often follow a typical format with tropes that get boring after awhile even if it starts pretty strong. The only exception I had prior to this was My Hero Academia and though it’s a great series, I’m more into the supernatural, bloody, horror stories or as I’ve call it; The Fucked Up Shit.
  Upon revisiting the manga thanks to the, (outrageously affordable and addictive), Shonen Jump app, I became completely obsessed with how the story and characters progressed since I last read Volume 2. In a matter of over 24 hours, I was all caught up on the Demon Slayer manga  and have been scratching my neck for more ever since. So it came as a surprise to me that I even finished Season One of the anime, much less episode one.


I think part of this departure from anime and manga has also been the overload of the same boring, predictable, male-centered story thrown at us for the last few years. Demon Slayer: Kimestu No Yaiba seems to break the mold, especially with the amount of bloodshed and high quality animation from ufotable and the manga goes in a completely different direction precisely after where Season One ends. I don’t think there’s ever been a more perfect point of ending a season of a manga adaptation.
  Demon Slayer: Kimestu No Yaiba made me realize that there are still some great stories out there in the heap of Isekai and all too Shonen titles. The series felt like a return to a time when I genuinely enjoyed reading manga and watching anime rather than trying and failing. I hope there will be more titles like this in the future that can engage and inspire a viewer like myself who’s tired of seeing the same old shit in a different bag. 


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