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Zombieland Saga – Episodes 2 & 3 (Review)

  Zombieland Saga kicked off with an amazing premiere that was extremely different than the promo suggested. Perhaps one of the most original anime of the Fall Anime Season keeps up the laughs as Episode Two leads the Zombie Idols to their next gig…but not before they get a glimpse at the real world that exists outside of their new home.
  I highly suggest getting headache medicine before watching this episode as the laughs keep coming even as the show attempts to shift to the dramatic. Kotaro is one of the best parts of the series as he rudely and pretentiously expects the best from undead girls. The irony still isn’t lost this week as a rap battle ensues that’s genuinely entertaining.


Episode 3 has our loveable idol group trying to pull off a guerilla performance that Kotaro has thrown together last-minute. The tone goes back and forth between comedy and genuine idol-esque drama. This episode is one of the poorest thus far due to the most terrible looking CGI-animation.
 Every other performance was just fine in their production but the show’s dip into CGI really was a bummer. Especially when the performance stops for dialogue, the CGI stops as well which made the performance quite boring in comparison to others. Thankfully, the writing was strong enough in its comedy to forgive the horrible animation.


If School-Live was a sudden dive into horror one didn’t expect, Zombieland Saga continues to be the exact opposite. Episodes 2 and 3 will leave fans eager for the next episode and I can already hear the yelling of Kotaro cosplayers in my dreams.

Rating: 10 out of 10 (Episode 2)
Rating: 8 out of 10 (Episode 3)

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