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Senran Kagura Shinovi Master – Episode One (Review)

  Senran Kagura is a popular video game franchise with multiple games that spawned a manga series, an anime series, an OVA, and now a new anime season. Episode One follows the cast of beautiful girls as they shop for Christmas presents until they are cornered by powerful rivals.
  Somehow or another, I forgot that I did not care for this series. Fan service aside, the action sequences leave a lot to be desired. Shows like Kill La Kill and Ikki Tousen are well received for having an engaging story, (Ikki Tousen is a little debatable on that subject but you cannot deny that it’s much better than this), and well produced action sequences. Senran Kagura lacks in engaging action in its first episode but does pack a few laughs. However, laughs alone will not make this series worth watching unless one is invested for anime titties. In fact, there’s two separate episodes where one has nudity most are tuning in to see and the other blurs out nudity.


For me though, I’m not sure if I’ll be sticking around for this title if there’s no improvement on the action. This lazy production is really unforgivable when the video game plays like a Dynasty Warriors title with fan-service. Honestly, the story could use some work too but then again I have to remember the primary demographic is most likely straight dudes that like anime tits, not folks that want to see a cast comprised of women in the action genre.
  Episode One of Senran Kagura is very disappointing and it was hard for me to even stay awake. Hopefully the next episode will show improvements because otherwise, it’s just another poor, cheap attempt to see anime girls half naked.

Rating: 3 out of 10

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