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Fairy Tail Final Season – Episode 1 (Review)

  A few years have passed since a new episode of Fairy Tail was given to its loyal fan base. We got the Dragon Cry movie to hold us over a smidge and thankfully it was enjoyable from beginning to end. We received an “ending” in the manga which packed plenty of beautifully drawn, dramatic action sequences but wasn’t a real ending by any stretch of the imagination. Then we get Hiro Mashima’s new series Edens Zero which basically looks like the great grand-children of the Fairy Tail cast somehow ended up in space.


In July, Fairy Tail 100 Quest launched in Japan with nothing released yet here in the U.S. However, the final season of Fairy Tail anime has begun and it picks up right after the last episode; Fairy Tail has disbanded and Lucy, Natsu, and Happy head on an adventure to bring their beloved guild back together.
  Although I know how all of this ends, seeing some the cast once again still warmed my heart. Fairy Tail is the only title with an extensive amount of episodes that I have stuck around with. Some arcs are better than others and the animation quality has changed for the better, especially now. Lucy will show more of the strength she flexed in Dragon Cry and the action scenes will be so awesome to finally see in anime form.
   Fairy Tail is back and better than ever with amazing animation and some of the characters many fans have come to love. Next week, we spend some time seeing how Wendy has grown since Fairy Tail went their separate ways.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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