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The Girl In Twilight – Episode One (Review)

  Asuka is far from the average girl. She longs to reach a new dimension with aliens and along with the help of her equally to somewhat interested friends, they perform a ritual at precisely 4:44 to travel to another dimension. Their first try doesn’t work outside of a mysterious crystal Chloe finds that has a strange noise. Determined to reach an alternate dimension, they try once again at precisely 4:44 and this time it actually works. Before long they are attacked by mysterious creatures and they witness a girl slaying them…and this girl looks just like Asuka.


I have been anticipating this title for quite some time. The preview not only looked gorgeous but the story sounded extremely intriguing. Now that the first episode has finally arrived, I really want to see the rest of the series. The cast is very engaging as their scenes range from goofy banter to ominous after the appearance of an alternate Asuka. The first episode does a great job of presenting very little information but plenty of reasons to stick around and see how this story will unfold. Personally, I feel a Yuki-Yuna vibe already.
  The Girl In Twilight gave viewers a great first episode with comedy, action, and an intense air of foreboding. Next week seems to be introducing another alternate character and so the foreboding momentum just might stay consistent.

Rating: 10 out of 10

The Girl In Twilight is streaming on HIDIVE; New episodes are available to watch on Mondays as of October 1st.

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