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RG Veda – Book One (Review)

 Ever wanted to get lost in a fantasy manga on an epic scale? The kind full of supernatural powers, a wide and colorful cast of characters, plot changing battles, a shadowy prophecy, and bloody violence? Are Ubel Blatt and Berserk way too dark and heavy? Are Overlord and Goblin Slayer way too generic with the ‘OMG I WAS A REGULAR GUY AND NOW I’M IN MY FAVE MMO’ storyline? Perhaps RG Veda is for you.
  Lord Yasha stumbles upon a prophecy of being around a child that will only bring death to those who he meets. Not long after this prophecy is bestowed, Yasha encounters Ashura, the last child of a long extinct tribe. Yasha has a goal of dethroning the evil Taishakuten with the help of four of the “Six Stars” and luckily, the child Ashura just might be able to help…or is he the death wish of prophecy?
  The first omnibus volume of RG Veda, (pronounced Rig Veda), doesn’t feel like the typical fantasy manga by a long shot. The vast majority of the pages has so much dialogue that it sometimes feels like you’re reading a novel and the flawless, highly detailed art style Clamp fans know to expect. The story, (based on an Indian story of the same name), feels very Shakespearean as multiple genres collide but tragedy is never too far away from those who encounter the mysterious and sometimes terrifying child Ashura.
  Dark Horse has released of one of Clamp’s most beautiful series to date. RG Veda hooks you in from the very beginning in this massive first book that’s over 500 pages long and a bloody, magical story is  guaranteed to get stuck inside your head until you reached the end…only to realize that this story has only just begun.

Rating: 10 out of 10
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