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Happy Sugar Life – Series Finale (Review)

  The end has come of the best shows about the worst kinds of people, Happy Sugar Life. We have been exposed to so much of the darkness within humans and its often traumatic roots. Everything comes together and no tie is left loose as Satou puts her plan to escape with Shio into action but the plan quickly unravels when Satou forgets a prized possession.
  How do I begin to tackle this? There’s so much to unload from this finale. One of the best scenes in this show is very quick and if you blink, you’ll miss it.


Satou has established herself as one of the most dangerous anime girls of all time much less dangerous yandere and one of the reasons for that was her severe contrast from moe to murderer combined with a severe lack of remorse. Or at least, it appeared that way until she dresses Shoko’s corpse. It’s quick and subtle, but the way her lip quivers when she is done clothing her nearly made me feel sorry for her.
Don’t get me wrong; Satou is indeed responsible for her actions however I kept thinking of her words last week towards her aunt being to blame for her life choices. It’s true and Taiyo’s sexual assault at the hands of her aunt only proves Satou’s point. Satou obviously possesses some measure of guilt and remorse behind her creepy and unhealthy love for Shio, but not enough to sway her into turning herself in as her attempt to flee with Shio results in dramatic confrontation with Asahi.


Reunited and it does not feel good for Asahi. I honestly thought that Shio was going to break free of her Stockholm Syndrome and kill Satou but that was not the case. Instead, it is revealed that Shio was indeed abandoned by her mother although Asahi tries to win her over with semantics that still doesn’t forgive abandoning a child. I would prefer Shio not to be living with a pedo teenager, but I can definitely get why she still makes the choice not to follow Asahi.

The last lines of Satou’s Aunt really carry so much more weight than it was probably intended. She rapes and captures Taiyo, enables Satou to escape with a minor, and is the one who sets the apartment on fire not to mention everything else she has done up to this point. I really hoped that perhaps she would wake up and realize the shit show she created of Satou’s life that lead her to blackmail, murder, and pedophilia. Instead, she continually proves that she’s one of the worst anime caretakers ever.
  I really don’t know how much better this finale could have been with everything going on towards the end and I am honestly left a bit sad. Yeah, it was a really hot mess concerning the controversial nature of Satou and Shio’s relationship but I think its heavily mature content was handled extremely well for the most part. And sure, there’s plenty of foreshadowing in the first episode alone that spells out the tragic (?) ending, but I will most definitely miss this fucked up show.
  Happy Sugar Life has a haunting ending that’s making me keep an eye out for its home release and hopeful for an English license of the manga.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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