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A Dive Into The Last Line #1

  A father struggles with the loss of his wife and the mother of his two children. Although large part of what’s keeping him going is his desire for revenge against the man who murdered her, he also has to understand the strange powers he and his children possess in The Last Line.
  Evoluzione Publishing is behind titles with diverse characters ranging in race, gender, and sexuality so it’s no surprise that The Last Line is among their selection. The writing from Lawrence King makes this first issue very easy to get into if the beautiful art and vibrant colors aren’t enough for potential readers.
 The only real issue I have is that quite a bit seems to be shrouded in mystery. From the names of some characters to how exactly their superpowers work are not explained here but I have faith that future issues will flesh out the story as it comes. Full of bloody violence, drama, and a story that ranges in setting in Detroit to Central Africa, The Last Line is a comic series to keep an eye out for.

Rating: 10 out of 10



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