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Angels of Death – Episodes 10 and 11 (Review)

 I have been extremely disappointed in Angels of Death lately. It has taken a huge suspension of logic to watch the last 2 episodes which is fucking terrible.


In Episode 10 the visual effects are awesome when Rachel is set to be burned as a witch but everything prior to that left so much to room to previously dead characters to perfect her story but instead we were told things we already have seen. The implications of Rachel’s true nature are valid and have been growing darker for quite a few episodes that leads her to be on, (a deeply hallucinated and somewhat funny), trial for her actions. This episode could have used the dead characters to provide plenty of exposition into Rachel’s time prior to waking in the building but only focused on her time with Zack. It’s valid in the way they twist the narrative but unless it becomes revealed that Zack isn’t a real person or that Zack is an alternate personality of hers, none of it really carries as much weight as intended.
  Especially considering that there’s no fucking way that Zack should still even be alive. This dude has been bleeding out of a huge gash in his stomach for the past 3,(?), episodes now as she has been searching for bandages and medicine. You really expect me to believe that this dude truly survived all those hours of bleeding? AND he walked around too? Wtf?!


Episode 11 makes nothing any better or sensible and the writing attempts to be profound exploring religion but falls flat until the very end when they reach where Zack and Rachel finally reach where she began. Of course it ends there until next week but of course they had to slide in another moment of Zack’s past. Granted, Zack has been through so much horrible shit that I laughed out of sheer awe as he was set on fire as a child but there’s such a large gap between what we know of Zack versus Rachel so late in the game that it has become nearly unforgivable.
  Next week better pack a huge plot twist or something because if not, Tell The Angels Zack Needs Therapy has a lot to answer for.

Episode 10 Rating: 6 out of 10
Episode 11 Rating: 5 out of 10



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