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Revue Starlight – Episode 10 (Review)

  Last week offered one of the better episodes of Revue Starlight as Nana is forced to break free from the continuous cycle of repeating the same performance. This week leads viewers to initially believe that perhaps we’ll get a fun break from the action only to get thrown into one of the most dramatic battles yet…and ends with one unholy hell of a cliffhanger.
  Where to even begin?


This week was awesome for Revue Starlight as we spend a lot of time with Hikari and Karen as they prepare for the final audition. We are reminded of their promise once again but the visual elements of them going in and out of their childhood appearances adds a nice touch until Hikari’s child form gives some harrowing foreshadowing.
  This battle is different on so many different levels as Karen and Hikari are set against Claudine and Maya. This battle made up for my disappointment of seeing them lose/win against other students as we are given even more of a theatrical feel to this battle. The inner monologues of normal battles do not take first place during the tag team so we become smitten with the beautiful vocals, techniques, and the growth of all characters involved.


The winners are very obvious although the way they win feels like a cheap shot rather than actually deserved. Which in essence is what I feel Claudine says as Maya’s jacket falls in defeat, however Maya’s talent and grace have no bounds as she deals with her loss professionally. All seems to be over as Karen and Hikari emerge victorious only for the giraffe to say another battle must take place…between Karen and Hikari,(!!!!).
  One would think this battle would happen next week and perhaps take up all of the episode BUT HIKARI SAID FUCK THAT SHIT!!!


Episode 10 of Revue Starlight leaves me puzzled as to what could possibly happen next week as a cliffhanger left me speechless. Angels of Death could learn a thing or two from Happy Sugar Life and Revue Starlight this week cuz honestly…what the fuck is going on over there but more on that later.

Rating: 11 out of 10


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