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Revue Starlight – Episode 9 (Review)

 Revue Starlight gave viewers a beautiful episode last week where we learned so much about Hikari. This week, Revue Starlight does it again as the girls get ready to rehearse their new version of Starlight, but Nana isn’t happy at all about the new changes. Additionally, Hikari and Kagura revisit the plot of Starlight and its story is eerily similar to their own.
  Before I even touch the epic battle of Karen vs Nana, I am still shocked by the plot of Starlight. The characters made me think this play must have been a bit light hearted for them to be so excited to revisit the play. Instead, the play is a fucking tragedy. The main character retrieves her memories as the other is blinded which makes me wonder if the exposition also served as foreshadowing towards what will  happen later.


However, the motivations behind the battle of Karen vs Nana fit Starlight’s plot as well. Karen remembers the true reason behind her desire for stardom while Nana eventually gets blinded by Karen’s strong will and strong performance in their battle. Ever since the reveals in Episodes 7 and 8, I’ve been feeling like there’s still more plot twists to come.
I may be way off considering the neat ending of this week’s episode but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this episode was amazing from the subtle details like Karen stepping out of stage design to the range of emotions that can be heard in Nana’s voice. Episode 10 of Revue Starlight was a great follow up to last week which makes me wonder what possibly could happen next week.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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