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Happy Sugar Life – Episode 9 (Review)

Last week on Happy Sugar Life, Satou sets Taiyo up to be her minion to keep herself out of trouble and Shoko deals with the guilt of her choice to avoid Satou. This week, Satou’s plan to set Asahi off on a different direction takes off…and Shoko discovers the truth about Satou.

For awhile there, I was lead to believe that this episode wasn’t going to be that bad but I should have known better from Asahi’s brief moment of Higurashi eyes once he receives Shio’s sock from Taiyo. Although Taiyo has another brief psychological break due to his sexual trauma, that brief moment of the obsession in his eyes rather than relief, Asahi makes me think he is hiding something too. Those eyes have meant nothing but the worst this whole time and I’m kind of scared of the implications of those eyes.


  Satou and Shio share the most awkward affections this time around and even talk about marriage which leads to the most violent and tragic scene in the series this far. Shoko finally learns the truth; Satou is indeed living with the missing girl, Shio Koube. Most of their dialogue isn’t audible but it’s clear that Satou told her the truth and perhaps said a lot more than we are privy to. Satou being sexually abused is hinted once again in images as well as a brief moment spent with Satou’s aunt which makes it clear that she encountered the police officer yet again. Whether he is dead or alive is a whole other matter entirely, however Shoko meets her end. The moments leading to Shoko’s death gives the idea that Shoko wishes for Satou to get help. She claims she won’t tell anyone and she still will be her friend as she begins to leave the apartment. Satou knows better than to trust someone so nosy so killing her was the best move to make but it doesn’t make her slow, painful death any less tragic.
   Episode 9 of Happy Sugar Life once again sets Satou as one of the most dangerous and terrifying yandere ever. Next week already looks to be keeping the horror and suspense coming in large doses as Shio sees Satou covered in blood and Asahi gets a picture Shoko took minutes before her death.

Rating: 10 out of 10

1 comment on “Happy Sugar Life – Episode 9 (Review)

  1. THAT EPISODE’S LAST FEW MINUTES WERE CRAZY. It started off pretty slow, but then it took a huge, unexpected turn! Kind of unfair the best parts were the last few minutes of the episode, so now we have to wait another week to see how Asahi reacts! Maybe we will get more of those lovely, Higurashi eyes. Lol


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