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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 10 (Review)

  Last week on How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, we were given more time with Edelgard and Alicia makes viewers think she’s possibly a traitor. This week, I had to drop watching this series.
  Yeah…this is the week I have to call it quits on this show.
I’m done.
  I’ve seen quite a few anime that have fan-service. I’m even a fan of a few anime that has large amounts of fan-service but this week was just…too fucking much. The first few minutes were so close to being a hentai and I just…
  Even the subject matter of Happy Sugar Life has heavy implications without much graphic detail outside of the most recent death scene this week but to have gone say far as they did.
This episode is why your mom or your non-nerd friends look at you weird for liking anime. I’ll wait for an Edelgard spin-off but until then How Not To Be A Hentai can prosper without me.


2 comments on “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 10 (Review)

  1. On watching this episode I had that moment where I nearly hit the stop button and moved on but I ended up deciding I’ve watched this far I may as well finish it. That said, I can definitely see that this week it crossed further into territory that makes some viewers just uncomfortable and I expected a few people would have said goodbye to the show after the episode.


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