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My Hero Academia Vol. 14 (Review)

  Volume 13 of My Hero Academia ended with the beginning of a battle that has been brewing for quite some time; Midoriya vs Bakugo. Volume 14 shows readers not only how that battle turns out but exposes the true feelings hidden within Bakugo and later a new villain requests an audience with the League of Villians, but will he be their newest ally or a new foe? And what’s next for the students of UA?
 Midoriya and Bakugo fighting it out has been a long time coming, although I can’t say that fight was as entertaining as I imagined and that’s largely because of its conclusion. Bakugo is quite frankly an asshole even if he does have bring up some significant points in their discussion with All-Might. Logically speaking the winner of the battle makes sense however, I’m tired of Bakugo feeling entitled to be a shit person just because he possesses a Quirk.
I can totally see where he may have been coming from around the time Deku gets accepted into UA. Deku was quirkless and suddenly caught the attention of Bakugo’s idol. I can imagine how that must have felt given Bakugo has been powerful from the jump, but he was also an asshole for the same length of time especially to Midoriya BECAUSE he was quirkless.
  Midoriya had to watch from the sidelines for years until All-Might came around and has been hero material prior to being given One For All. Granted, one could take their whole dynamic and write a compelling piece relating the reasoning of their rivalry to privilege in America, I can’t deny the fact that Midoriya has put in work for everything he has achieved.
  All-Might’s approach to the situation was baffling and quite coddling to say the least. It’s like no authority figure truly wants to address the fact that Bakugo is a brat but instead ignore or excuse his behaviors. Bakugo seems to me like the perfect choice to be a villain but I guess they’re dead set on just making him one of Midoriya’s antagonists instead.
  Though I was disappointed in the outcome of the battle, Volume 14 of My Hero Academia packs plenty more laughs, suspense, and action to keep me wanting the next volume.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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