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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 9 (Review)

  Last week on How To Disrespect Women Diablo faced off against an opponent that was worthy of a challenge and of course…won. This week, Alicia is followed by a paladin who is determined on wiping out a demon lord. Elsewhere, Edelgard (FINALLY OMFG), shows up with our trio to confirm her suspicions; Rem is hiding a demon lord within her.   Edelgard…how I have missed thee. I was hoping for another battle with her but then I thought she would be given the harem treatment Alicia was given so I was nervous, instead she sets loose a secret that Rem was hiding from some of her crew. If the opening song is any indication, the demon lord sealed within Rem is capable of mass destruction so it would probably be best to eradicate said demon, right? Well…Edelgard wants to resurrect it but I’m not so sure she has the best intentions with its outcome.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Alicia isn’t as innocent as she appears. In the beginning of the episode, she kills humans and questions if they are worth being spared, (I still haven’t forgotten that moment she was probing Rem with a spell for information). Rem confessing her secret to Alicia may actually have been the worst thing she could have done since Alicia hasn’t been proven to be trustworthy.
  Diablo was…well…kinda pointless this week. Sure, he turns a dude into stone but the meat and and potatoes of this episode goes out to the women and side characters of this episode. This week of How To Give Screen-time To An Unnecessary Male Protagonist was really great and the fan-service was short and dare I say comedic this time around.

Rating: 9 out of 10

*Am I the only one having issues with playing anime on VRV? I mean, goddamn.*

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