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Angels Of Death – Episode 9 (Review)

  Last week on Please Kill Off Zack, we spent a lot of time in Zack’s horrible memories and a priest spent time evaluating Rachel’s true nature. This week on Angels Of Death, Danny reappears and offers a proposition to Zack. Meanwhile, Rachel gathers items for Zack as the priest judges her every move.
  I’m just gonna say it.
  I’m going to fucking. say. it.
  I am so goddamn tired of Rachel’s dialogue and this week was no different AND THEN the priest effectively, (for lack of better terminology), reads Rachel for her life. She is extremely self-serving and I have thought she was using Zack to her own gain. This is confirmed this week as she offers to help him. Her concern is not for his well being, but instead for her escape which will lead to the death she craves.
  Three more episode remain of this show and we still know about Zack than Rachel in the character development department. This supreme lack of properly handling a protagonist makes me think that they’ll try to cram Rachel’s backstory in the final episode which is totally something that like..a lot of horror anime…like totally avoids.
Episode 9 of Angels Must Be Keeping Zack Alive wasn’t a complete let-down, but wasn’t all that remarkable either.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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