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The New Suspiria Trailer Already Looks Better Than The Original Film

  The Suspiria remake was greenlighted sometime ago under the direction of Luca Guadagnino although an interest in reigniting the title was passed around for years. In June, I revisited the original title (link to Suspiria review), and found that although original and appealing with its musical arrangements and gore, the story lacked some crucial elements that the remake seems to possess. Here are just two ways the remake already sets itself apart.



The plot of Suspiria involves witches that can kill in terrifying ways however, the original only shows only how they die and not exactly who 
is doing the killing. This fact is important considering the ending of the movie which really seems to rush at reach an end rather than flexing some dark magic with the confirmed witches.
  From the newest trailer alone, we can tell that the remake will at least tackle witchcraft much better than the original. The cast’s eyes change color, Tilda Swinton levitates in a red dress, Mia Goth slides up a wall, dancers seem to form a symbol, and plenty of hints towards other scares. Dakota Johnson plays the protagonist Susie who arrives at a prestigious dance academy. In a short portion of the trailer, Dakota dances as another student is thrown against a mirror and the dancer’s body pulls, cracks, and twists. This particular scene was discussed on Twitter by an audience that was able to see all of what happens to the dancer and for the horror enthusiasts it’s already worth anticipating alone.



One of the main things I didn’t not like about the original was the extreme lack of displaying what the school was prestigious for; dancing. The dancing in the original is only set to make Jessica Harper’s Suzie feel faint and other than that, there’s no real inclination that the academy should be known for anything outside of being connected to the deaths of some students and faculty.
 Both the teaser and newest trailer of the remake tells its viewers that dancing will be showcased throughout. Dakota Johnson, Mia Goth, and other cast members are seen dancing quite a bit but what stands out the most is its protagonist. Being invited to attend a prestigious school is a huge deal especially for academies with a focus on the arts so it’s extremely necessary to highlight why a girl from the U.S. was selected to go overseas. Dakota Johnson dances quite a bit in the new trailer not to mention her overall presence in the trailer seems to paint her portrayal as Susie as a potential antagonist rather than the mostly powerless and naive victim of  the original.
  The Suspiria remake is one of the year’s most highly anticipated films and the new trailer only made me want to see it more. Darren Argento’s Suspiria is a horror classic in its own right but as viewers learned from the newest trailer, Luca Guadagnino seems to have taken the story and delicately made it his own.
  Suspiria is coming to theaters in the U.S. on November 2nd, 2018 and it feels like I’ll be waiting forever but let the trailer tell it, it’ll be worth it.


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