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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 8 (Review)

  Last week we saw Diablo’s genre breaking meltdown on How Not To Avoid Fan Service. This week, Diablo confronts Shera’s brother in a battle obviously Diablo wins by a landslide however Shera begs him to spare her brother’s life. This act does not bode well for the man who requested their services leaving Diablo in a battle with an opponent almost as powerful as he is.
  Even though she’s in the goddamn opening song, it seems Edelgard isn’t coming back anytime soon so they had to make Diablo face someone else who can actually pose a threat. Only this time, his opponent actually manages to strike numerous cuts on Diablo marking this episode as one to remember. Diablo has to think quite a few steps ahead to even manage to land a hit which gives somewhat of a breath of fresh air even though we all know that overpowered anime male protagonist gene will eventually kick in.
  Although full of action, I somehow wasn’t all that enamored by this week’s episode. This could be perhaps because of the episode’s uncomfortable final minutes of Diablo drunk with another character. Yes, yes fan-service is one of the main selling points to the hetero anime fanboys tuning into How Not To Avoid Being A Typical Drunk Creepy Straight Man but jeez are the fan-service moments cringy especially considering the current social climate of sexual crimes. Diablo comes dangerously close yet again to crossing more lines than allowable but, (thankfully?), falls asleep before he does.
 The action is plenty and the fan-service is creepy in How To Avoid Respecting Boundaries With Women this week. Hopefully next week gives some more action or at least original fan-service scenes, I mean goddamn. The tropes can be so uninspired some times. Shake some shit up. Give a consensual, romantic sex scene with Shera and Diablo or something other than potential rapist antics.
How is that sexy?!

Rating: 6 out of 10 (The drunk scene ruined it)

2 comments on “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 8 (Review)

  1. I really enjoyed most of this episode. The conflict, finding an opponent that can at least put Diablo under pressure (meaning there are probably other opponents out there so he won’t just walk through every fight with ease), and even Diablo using strategies from the game to win against the opponent all worked really well. I agree the fan service at the end was pretty unnecessary but given the show and what has happened in prior episodes for fan service I’m just going to ignore it. This anime keeps walking that thin line between entertaining and uncomfortable viewing and it would be easy to see why someone would drop this show early on because of those moments.


    • It’s true that the opponent certainly caught me off guard but the drunk scene just made it so gross. It would have been great if that scene was cut short or eliminated altogether.

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