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Happy Sugar Life – Episode 7 (Review)

Last week, Satou’s friend Shoko decided to confront Satou’s evasiveness and neglect towards their friendship which leads to a suspense filled conversation that ends with Satou agreeing to take Shoko to her home. Satou fulfills that promise this week as she walks Shoko into her neighborhood. The suspense only heightens as each step brings her closer to the door to her apartment only to rise even higher as the police are standing by the door. Alerted of an vile stench coming from the apartment, the police demand to enter Satou’s home, (much to her stalker teacher’s delight), and the door finally opens and it is not Shio that opens the door…for it is not Satou’s home.
What a goddamn twist.
 Happy Sugar Potential Predator blows it out of the park this week as it reveals that Satou’s aunt is still alive. We were lead to believe that her aunt’s body may have been one of the bodies stuffed into the bloody plastic bags but now the question remains as to who or what really were in those bags but before that, Satou’s aunt takes center stage.
  As if the miniature flashback sequences in previous episodes weren’t enough to confirm that Satou endued some measure of trauma, this weeks confirms it. Her aunt is immediately odd even with her sweet voice and mostly agreeable nature until she does what Satou does when mentally or physically cornered; Expose the true nature of her oppressor. If Satou was already creepy before we learn exactly where she got it from as her aunt nearly convinces the male police officer to have his way with her. Not even in just a sexual sense either which makes the bandages along her body speak from themselves. Although this is important to note, a larger implication is made in a small childhood flashback of Satou’s.

 Being welcoming to being abused in multiple ways seems to not have stopped her aunt from abusing others in a flashback that implies Satou was sexually abused as a child by her aunt. This implication makes a lot of sense into forming the girl she grows into; a psychologically traumatized girl that eventually looks for love in other ways only to potentially lead her on a similar path as her own abuser. Although perhaps her love for Shio is inappropriate but perhaps isn’t sexual in nature even though Satou is clearly a lesbian. Maybe she saw the same kind of look in Shio’s eyes of enduring abuse and views herself as a hero much like I would imagine Shio does. However, if that’s the case then why was Shio taken from her mother?
  Next week hints at keeping the suspense growing and story building growing in Happy Sugar Predator Vibes as Episode 8 may tell us the story of how Satou managed to get the actual apartment she lives in with Shio.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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