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Angels Of Death – Episode 8 (Review)

Last week on Rachel Gets High As Hell, Rachel got…well…high as hell and hallucinates scenarios that are bloody and question the moral fiber of her being with the assistance of a blind(?) priest. This week, Rachel does whatever necessary to get Zack bandages and medicine. And by whatever necessary, I mean killing whatever obstacles stand in her way.
  This week once again eased off the dark humor and instead dives deeper into the horror that the show really should have been giving more of. Rachel clearly is no one’s passive as we have been lead to believe as she ruthlessly slaughters, (artificial?), obstacles to attempt at saving Zack’s life. The priest serves as a means to exposing exactly what Rachel is really like underneath her overused “Please kill me, senpai” vibe which seems to be not too far off from Zack.
  We even managed to spend some time in Zack’s past as he goes from caregiver killer to serial killer. He somehow murders multiple people without being captured by the police and runs into an extremely lonely blind(?) man who accepts Zack saying he murdered someone as if he said he took a shit in the woods, saw a movie, and came back home. Although I’m grateful for the horror we have been given, I’m very much tired of learning so much about Zack and nothing really concrete about Rachel.
  Sure, Rachel appears to be dismissive of, (simulated?), human life but if you were trying to save the life of a person you cared about do you really have the time to plan strategies to avoid killing those who want to attack you in the process? Well…the hands part could have been handled better but the point is I want to know some concrete, indisputable facts about Rachel just like we have been given about Zack. Women in lead roles in anime get this treatment a lot, (more on that in a future post but I’m looking at QUITE a few titles), and it’s aggravating especially considering that Rachel is the one who was trapped in the building in the first place.
  This week was a little disappointing but for the most part great in Episode 8 of Rachel Needs Character Development and next week seems to aim at throwing us all through a loop as a formerly murdered character reappears.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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