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An Early Look Into The Gentleman

 Greg Anderson Elysee is a name behind the successful Kickstarter project Is’nana The Were-Spider. It’s should be no surprise that he would continue to serve more original horror content with African-American characters for folks to devour. This time, Elysee and a team of other talented creatives provided an early look into his new project titled The Gentleman.
  Ollie is a Private Investigator fresh off the heels of closing a case concerning infidelity when he realizes someone is breaking into his home. This someone turns out to be no mere stranger at all, but it is his ex-boyfriend Ralphie and a mysterious woman named Espere. They’ve come to Ollie for his assistance with the mysterious deaths of folks close to them. Ollie reluctantly offers his assistance to them, even though he is suspicious of Espere.
 I liked the sound of the idea behind this title long before I actually had a chance to  read it. Now that I’ve actually had the chance to read it, I definitely need much more where that came from. The first issue does exactly what it’s supposed to do; hook you in with its amazing art style, give just enough information to ask questions that you desperately need answers to, and provide characters you actually care about enough to continue forward.
  Horror has been growing on me for the last 2 years of my life and never would I have thought I’d see a bisexual black man who loved another BLACK MAN in a horror setting. So much content with LGBTQ characters of color tend to date outside their race and this title fails to follow that trend. I’m so interested to see more of Ollie and Ralphie’s interactions as exes navigating through the supernatural, especially since Ollie is very clearly supernatural himself. Even more interesting than Ollie is Espere, the beautiful woman who seems to be hiding something up her sleeves too.
 The Gentleman Issue #1 is a beautifully drawn, excellently written introduction to a new title with a lead that goes against the mainstream and I await the next issue with great anticipation.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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