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Revue Starlight – Episode 6 (Review)

  Last week on Revue Starlight, Karen decided to step up her game to rise to her full potential much to Mahiru’s jealously and dismay. This week…honestly feels like a repeat only with Kaoruko and Futaba.
 This was one of the most disappointing episodes thus far of Revue Starlight for several reasons.
The main reason is that this feels like a repeat of last week with only very slight differences. Is the team running out of original ideas at this point or trying to pull out some filler before getting to its conclusion? I don’t know but this episode didn’t even carry the same weight to be pivotal like last week simply because there’s been no real screen time given to Kaoruko and Futaba to get attached to either of them. From the very beginning we knew that Mahiru and Kagura were destined to be rivals and that same energy was kept until this week, (by the way, kudos to Mahiru for that character development this week), but this pair were the most silently implied lesbians of the cast and that’s really about it. What’s even worse is that Kaoruko is far more immature than Mahiru or Kagura and dare I say Karen.
She demands so much attention and yet does so little for herself. It’s no wonder her classmates told her she can’t be in the play but she throws a such a fit that it knocks Futaba off her winning game to make sure she doesn’t leave school. Which then turns into a battle in which Kaoruko reveals that she actually does possess some talent and defeats Futaba. If that battle didn’t carry the most manipulative, self-centered, and toxic underlying message of all then I must not know what any of those words mean.
Another disappointment is the increasing lack of intimacy in the battles. In the beginning, battles were one versus one so focusing on one pair made the battle far more theatrical, visually appealing, and dramatic. Now there’s other characters battling in the background and it doesn’t quite feel the same anymore. Granted, if this series is only supposed to be 12 episodes long I can understand the need to put some battles to the side but the fact that we got a more toxic version of last week but we didn’t get to see a full Claudine vs Maya battle is unforgivable, (yes, that happened episodes ago and yes I’m still pissed about that).
  Revue Starlight was beautiful as always but was an overall lackluster this week. Hopefully next week will be much better.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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