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Angels Of Death – Episode 7 (Review)

  Last week on Angels of Death was a bloodbath that left viewers with more insight of Zack’s killer origins. This week, Rachel has to navigate around alone since Zack’s self inflicted cut with his scythe has him bleeding and his consciousness is fading. As she looks for some kind of bandage to patch him up on a new floor, Rachel finds herself confronted by questions and tasks that lead to revealing who she really is.
 The dark humor took an extreme break this week in exchange for something…odd but extremely entertaining.
  I believe Rachel is high as all hell for the majority of this episode from the purple air that she breathes when she’s away from Zack. This drug, (I assume is administered from the creepy blind priest), causes her to see words that are attached to a challenge to draw out her true nature. The results of which gives the idea that Zack is not the only killer between them. In fact, various messages and dialogue with the priest  seems to imply that Rachel might actually be dead and being punished for her sins or pretty close to death.
  However, Angels of Death has made me feel the same way as I do about Happy Sugar Life; I really need more about the the protagonist. We’ve been able to establish so much about Zack but have been served very little concerning Rachel. Hopefully next week changes that because if this series is only going to be 12 episodes long, I can’t imagine how this will tie up cohesively.

 Rating: 8 out of 10


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