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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 7 (Review)

Last week after a vicious assault of fan service on How Not To Avoid Fan Service, Shera is confronted by her brother who intends to bring her back to their kingdom to which she refuses. This week, things take a dramatic turn where Shera actually goes with her brother at the sound of a song he plays on the flute. Her choice shakes Diablo to his core as he is rendered useless due to being emotionally distraught with memories of childhood heartbreaks and betrayal.
  I have established that I genuinely like this series even though I try so hard not to. If not for Diablo’s legitimate emotional breakdown, this would have been the week I called it quits.
  Shera’s time with her brother is very much spent in typical fanservice fashion; in chains that accentuate her already large breasts and oh look…an attack that makes her clothes disintegrate. What makes it even worse is that this is at the hands of her brother that intends to rape her to have an heir to the throne. Why he couldn’t just not fuck another royal outside of his bloodline is beyond me but highly uncomfortable. Although out of their conversation, they bring up a point that other male protagonist-centered fanservice anime does not avoid; being supreme over women without subjecting them to sexually suggestive situations. Granted, they sleep in the same bed together in highly sexual positions and Shera has even been groped but unless I am forgetting something, nothing has been against her will until her own brother came along.
  On the much better side of this episode, I’m deeply impressed by the breakdown of hypermasculinity in this episode.
Diablo is so torn apart by her departure that he lays in bed replaying memories of his life in Japan. Tying these two events isn’t much of a reach since he discovered he was being only used for his possessions by his peers and if not for the song possessing Shera, he could have thought he was being used for his strength. His time with Shera clearly means a lot to him but this role of being emotionally torn would typically be felt by a woman in the series. Instead it’s up to Rem to get him ready to fight for Shera, the results of which we will see next week.
  Fan service slime and cracking some typical hypermasculine plot devices were found in How Not To Leave This Series Alone and next week should be another new action packed experience as Diablo goes against Shera’s nasty ass brother.

Rating: 8 out of 10


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