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Happy Sugar Life – Episode 6 (Review)

Last week on a Happy Sugar Life or better known as This Predator Needs To Be Caught, Shoko spent time with Taiyo, a coworker who is obsessed with the missing girl named Shio Koube. This week, Shoko deals with knowing that Satou is potentially far more than she appears. Usually brushing off Satou’s avoidance on discussing her relationship or even letting others meet her alleged lover has finally come to an end after Taiyo implies that Satou may have kidnapped Shio. This leads to spending a day with Satou which is something they would do regularly but not before Shoko encounters Shio’s older brother, Asahi.
This week we got to see a lot more of Asahi’s past. Episodes ago viewers learned that Shio and Asahi’s time spent at home was excessively violent by the hands of their father but Shio and their mother managed to escape. Asahi still endured violence but the worst of it is his father pulling off his fingernails prior to drinking himself to death. We hit a roadblock in his memories as Asahi visits his mother to celebrate the death of her husband, however when he reaches her Shio is gone. Their tragic past seems to give me the idea that somewhere in Shio’s mind she may view Satou as a hero although that is simply not the case.
  I know I have said many times as this series progresses but Satou is honestly one of the most terrifying characters I’ve seen. I would much rather see her gouging out eyeballs that imagining exactly what’s going to happen next week because you know it’s it going to be bad.
  Her conversation with Shoko made me feel uneasy the entire time as she managed to not avoid her questions with lies but upfront tells her to mind her business and stay naive is the kind of horror this show gets right. Not the hyper violent, jump scare kind of horror but the kind that creeps up on you slowly and at the end you take that fear to bed with you. All of this is what I felt as Shoko keeps pressing the issue, (rightfully so because would you really want to dismiss that your friend could be a psycho kidnapper), which then leads to an invitation to Satou’s home.

 I imagine this going several ways.

– Shoko dies after learning the truth at Satou’s home.

– Shoko learns only parts of the truth because Satou leads her to somewhere she used to live but not currently residing.

– Satou kills both Taiyo and Shoko, (possibly even her pedophile teacher), in her home and puts their bodies in bags like the bodies of whomever she killed before.

 Either way next week on Please Kill This Yandere Predator With Fire will hopefully reveal more of the events prior to Shio’s capture and may end in bloodshed.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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