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Happy Sugar Life – Episode 5 (Review)

  Happy Sugar Life told us last week that the implications that Satou is a murderer actually holds some weight as she murdered two men by gouging out their eyes. This week, Satou finds herself questioning the slight changes in Shio and later, she discovers she is the love interest of a stalker that even knows where she lives. Meanwhile Taiyo reveals to a close friend of Satou, (that kind of looks like Shio),  that he believes Satou kidnapped a girl whose face is on every wall in his bedroom.
 Satou is really fucking scary.
Not just in an “I’ll fuck you up cause yandere” sense but her tactics of manipulation are nearly supernatural. Screen time with her stalker turns even more uncomfortable as she weaponizes her stalker’s crush and her own sexuality to escape, (but also intensify), the situation.  This is the most sexual yuri we’ve seen thus far in Happy Sugar Life besides the compliments she gives other women.
  Once she realizes the full weight of what she has done, Satou experiences guilt which then leads to a conversation with Shio. Their relationship is so odd that I still wonder if the audience is being mislead. Perhaps the series writers and animators are smart enough to confront a show about sexual misconduct by way of pedophilia without giving us sexual or much romantic context between them or Satou is a sometimes inappropriate lesbian that devoted her life to saving an abused child from harm. Maybe the manga series it is based provides better context or the show will continue to reveal more as episodes come out.
  At this point though, I would really appreciate more time spent in Satou’s past. We learned bits and pieces about Shio’s tragic life prior to living with Satou but we know even less about Satou except for the implications of having an abusive aunt. Satou’s constant, “this is bitter” statements are followed up by quick flashes of a woman with bandages on her face saying, “This is also love”. Whatever happened in her past shaped Satou into the murderous, and most likely pedophile), yandere she is in the present.
  Happy Sugar Life gives us more questions, awkward tensions, and blatant sexuality  in Episode 5. This week ends with a cliffhanger as Shio’s brother confronts Satou’s friend.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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