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Revue Starlight – Episode 5 (Review)

  After last week’s more emotional side in Revue Starlight, the cast is thrown back into the battlefield but not before we spend some time with Mahiru. She always noticed Karen has changed ever since Hikari’s arrival but now Karen has been waking up earlier in the day and even practicing much harder than normal. Mahiru doesn’t seem like a priority to Karen anymore and she’s not keeping quiet about how she feels any longer.
  I am so excited that this week we spent time with Mahiru. In previous episodes her jealousy was apparent but often dismissed by the end of the episode as everything always ties up positively each week. Mahiru’s attraction to Karen becomes even more apparent as well as she smothers her face in Karen’s pillow, is aroused by her sweaty towel, and nearly puts her lips on Karen’s water bottle for as an indirect kiss. We even learn about Mahiru’s past as a young girl being raised on her family’s farm prior to her acceptance into Seisho Academy and that Mahiru lacks confidence most of her peers possess.
  As I watched the battle between Mahiru and Karen, her confidence in her talents should be much higher. She has an extremely graceful form even though their battle lacks the dramatic tone of previous showdowns. Previous battles made me feel tense and on the verge of being on the edge of my seat but this week’s battle stage made Mahiru look like a goofy yandere. Additionally, I really hate that this show has battles off complete focus when I would have thoroughly enjoyed watching Maya and Claudine stomp the shit out of their competition.
 On the even more positive side, I am so glad that Karen is stepping the fuck up. I didn’t think she truly was all that serious about being a star given her slacker status in school but she is really trying to change her image. Practicing with Hikari definitely pays off as her form looks a bit more graceful and her determination shines through, much to Hikari’s pleasure and Mahiru’s dismay.
 Revue Starlight has been getting better as the weeks go by as character development and lesbian crushes took center stage this week.


Rating: 10 out of 10

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