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Angels Of Death – Episode 6 (Review)

Still trapped on the third floor, Zack is triggered once again and revisits dark memories of his childhood which makes him struggle against his desire to kill Rachel. Finally physically confronted by their foe, Cathy’s final request is for Rachel and Zack to kill each other.
  Angels of Death took a turn into the more serious this week and I’m very grateful for it. Although the dark comedy was hilarious, (a bit of it is still in Episode 6), I’ve been wanting more of the horror content this title has to offer. Zack’s flashbacks provide a lot more context as it is implied that his foster parents were actually child murderers and he had to bury the bodies of the dead. Eventually he has had enough and takes matters into his own hands. The desires of this crazed killer seems to also have an attachment to taking the lives of people who actually feel alive or have the capacity to feel emotions other than despair considering that’s primarily what he knows.
  Zack seems to only understand the dark side of humanity so he gets no thrill from killing those that are just as fucked up as he is emotionally speaking. With the exception of fear, Zack enjoys killing those he cannot understand which is made clear as he nearly kills Rachel as she smiles on his request. Instead, he cuts his own stomach open in an effort to kill himself.
  On the Rachel side of things, a quick flashback sequence and the gun in her bag shows the audience that she isn’t as mindless as she appears. Sure, she solves the vast majority of the obstacles they encounter but she repeats herself like a robot at every chance she gets. I am now convinced that she only acts that way to survive the building, (I still think she’s trapped in hell or some sort of weird dream),  even could be using Zack and he might die by her hands at the end.
  Episode 6 of Angels of Death gives us more of the horror and blood I’ve been needing for quite some time. Ideally next week will keep the blood flowing as they progress to the next floor after a strong implication about Rachel’s character.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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