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Revue Starlight – Episode 4 (Review)

  After suffering, (a well deserved), defeat Karen wakes from a dream of watching a play with Hikari in their youth. This dream makes Karen want to speak to her, but Hikari is nowhere to be found. When she finally gets Hikari on the phone, Karen ends up going on an adventure to find her that turns into an adventure into rediscovering her dream.
 First of all, I want to say that this is the first anime I’ve ever seen where a character calls the person right back after getting hung up on. I’ve always wondered why in the hell none of these characters just call back, it’s not like they don’t know their number. As if it wasn’t original enough, Revue Starlight gets some more points this week just for that alone.
  Other than that, this week took a seat from the action and showcased more of the emotions within Karen and Hikari. Their story was already fascinating as it is but this week, Karen and Hikari reach new heights. Their conversation on the phone until they find each other again evoked the kind of emotion from me that the movie Firework could never. In a matter of the last 5 to 6 minutes, (give or take), could have been the meat and potatoes to a yuri love story and the only thing missing would be the kiss you wanted ever since you saw the trailer.
  Karen seems to be very motivated to recover and excel from her loss last week as she speaks to Hikari. Hikari was clearly rocked by Karen’s losing battle so much that it looks like she was ready to leave the school as she travels around with a suitcase. Episode 4 of Revue Starlight kicked ass this week without them…you know…actually kicking ass.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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