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Happy Sugar Life – Episode 5 (Review)

  Picking up immediately where we left off last week, Shio’s memories are slowly returning at the sight of blood. The woman she remembers is indeed her mother and this time, the vision she has of her mother is angry. She implies that none of what’s happening outside of her head would be real if she didn’t “let go of her hand”. Satou arrives to the scene in a hoodie to lure the men to meet her where she stands…with a taser and a knife.
  The scares get violent and even more psychologically charged this week as Satou attacks two men that were talking to Shio. The results weren’t as bloody as I wanted but was still good to see Shio saved from an awkward and disturbing situation. As more of the pieces of the story are thrown at us, I still couldn’t find myself rooting for Satou despite her savior moment. Thus far, she’s looking like a child predator and I’m thankful the show is addressing such a taboo subject without sexual material.
  The best parts of this episode lies within the fact that Shio is changing. The psychological break of her mind in the chaos of Taiyo versus Stranger A and Stranger B lasts beyond Satou whisking her back into Satou’s apartment. Small moments as Shio denies Satou the opportunity to wash her back are powerful but more obvious than that are her lies about the previous night…and the drawing of her mother in the closet as Satou is away.
  Shio breaks a bit from her Stockholm Syndrome and it’s not lost on Satou. She even noticed Shio fell asleep before reciting their nightly vows which makes her feel less complete as she scrubs blood off the walls of a spare bedroom. We have learned so much about Shio’s abusive past but not much about Satou as of yet. Hopefully that changes so we can figure out how she got to the point of holding a damn child in her home…and possible killing people…and gouging out eyes.
  Episode 4 of Happy Sugar Life gets more uncomfortable but for different reasons this week. Next week we are definitely in for some more fucked up nonsense as a waitress from Satou’s job is sniffing her clothes in the post credits scene.

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