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Angels of Death – Episode 5 (Review)

  After surviving a few rounds with Catherine, Rachel and Zack advance forward. After surviving against poison gas and a dream of Zack’s past, Catherine sets up another exercise but this time she plays at more than Zack’s idiocy. This trap will force Zack to revive some childhood trauma in order to move forward.
  Episode 4 picked the series back up for me last week and Episode 5 keeps the momentum going. We’ve already established that Zack is a genuine idiot and there’s some laughs to be had although the majority of our time is spent in Zack’s memories.
Zack is an orphan who had some heavy shit thrown on him. Triggering his past brings back memories of his time with foster parents that made him bury bodies of other children that I assume they also adopted. I hope we get more time with the parents in the future since it was heavily implied that they have been burying bodies long before they adopted Zack.
  Catherine is a special kind of sadist for making him relive this all over again by way of toys and a dollhouse, however she raised an interesting point; Who is really using who between Rachel and Zack? Rachel constantly expresses a desire to die whereas Zack wants to survive being trapped in the building. I have begun to wonder if Rachel is actually just using Zack to escape…and if she really plans to murder him. Nothing too concrete has been made apparent for my theory, (which is one of many), about their pair-up however Rachel facial expressions and voice are slightly charged with fear later when she’s once again near her demise. It would be quite a twist if in the end, Rachel kills Zack after escaping.
 Episode 5 is a funny but dark time in Angels of Death this week. Hopefully we get a glimpse into Rachel’s past soon to fully piece the story together.

Rating: 8 out of 10


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