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Edens Zero – Chapter Six (Review)

  Rebecca, Shiki, and Happy discovered that they are 50 years in the past. With no way to leave the planet, they are stuck with no further options but Rebecca realizes that they must not meddle with events of the past since there’s a high chance of ruining their future. Avoiding this may be harder than it seems after the trio is confronted by Sibir, a powerful man looking for Weisz.
 It should be no surprise that Sibir looks similar to a Fairy Tail villain at this point and it also should be no surprise that we are dished little to no answers but constantly creating questions every week reading Edens Zero.
We learn that Weisz stole something from Sibir but apparently not what he intended…and that’s about it. As gorgeous as the art style is, the story feels like it could be heading for greatness or ridiculous. More so the latter as nothing presented has been fully addressed and Elsie appeared to know something chapters ago but we have not seen her. Weisz could have also been some kind of help understanding their strange new setting but every question presented, “None of your business was his reply”.
I’m not sure just being really pretty is gonna cut it at this point with Edens Zero. I’m too confused and I’m tired of the Fairy Tail Easter eggs but with no concrete explanation on why or what the hell is going on in general.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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