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Angels Of Death – Episode 4 (Review)

After killing their foe, Rachel and Zack advance to the next floor. As usual, their opponent aims to kill them but this woman preys on their intelligence as she sets different obstacles in place they must pass in order to survive. Killing their opponent, Cathy, will not be as easy as the others for Zack is…well…stupid.
  Although I am still very disappointed I didn’t receive the manga adaptation I hoped for last week, the newest episode slightly made up for it in comedy.
  Dry humor isn’t for everyone but I thoroughly enjoyed Rachel’s break from constantly asking to die and instead we got the funniest comments from her. Zack may be a crazed killer but apparently he doesn’t know how to read his own name or how to take a picture. He may be the man that promises to give Rachel a death she desires, but apparently he doesn’t know an electric chair when he sees it. Thankfully, Rachel is a smart young woman who take pictures, read her name, and be a little less stupid than him so they can attempt escaping the floor.
  Episode 4 almost redeems itself to me this week and I hope this isn’t the last time I get to genuinely laugh while watching this show.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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