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Revue Starlight – Episode 3 (Review)

After the success Karen has received in bouts with classmates in private auditions, she ought to be trying to hone her craft since it can only get tougher from there. Unfortunately, Karen clearly still oversleeps and doesn’t appear as serious in classes as the rest. After the loss Claudine received from Maya, her pride has taken a serious blow whereas Maya’s ego has been stroked and it shows in her practices…and later, as she is Karen’s next opponent.
  This week has been incredible for the shows I tuned into and Revue Starlight is no exception. In fact, this episode may be the best episode outside of the series premiere.
  Maya and Claudine have clearly been characters viewers should keep an eye on and with good reason. These girls dance and sing so gracefully to the point that they could do it in their sleep. Their desire to be a star is very clear so when last week’s episode pit Claudine and Maya against each other as the credits rolled, I expected to see how Claudine was defeated. To be fair, we indeed see how Claudine got her ass handed to her…but just not in the battle between them; the battle between Maya and Karen. I never expected this battle would happen so early in the series but I 100% appreciate its outcome. I have been tired of the “below to mid-average protagonist winning every match” anime trope for eons and this show is one of few that broke away from it. Karen 100% deserved to get her ass handed to her as she did. 100%. She doesn’t possess the charisma, the grace, the effortless “it” factor that Maya and even Claudine possesses so for her to win this week would have been outrageous.
Revue Starlight has great writing but no amount of good writing would have excused Karen winning against Maya as she is right now. I hope next week she takes that well deserved loss and motivates herself to act like her dream means something to her at all times. Don’t get me wrong, Karen has been a beast the last few weeks but only when the time is needed in battles. She needs to exude star material in class to be taken seriously and hopefully this defeat will be just the right kick in the teeth she needs to rise up, kick Claudine’s ass, and eventually cut Maya down. Claudine fell off a bit but its clear by the end that she is getting back in her element as we get to see her own battle against a student.
  On another note, there’s some more implied yuri in this week’s episode that was hinted from the premiere but has become much more obvious. Mihuru makes her jealousy against Hikari even more obvious but even a bit of fan service leads me to believe that these ladies are far more than just classmates paired up together.

  Episode 3 of Revue Starlight is even more epic than its premiere as yuri, beautiful animation, intense action sequences, and gorgeous songs come around once again this week.

Rating: 10 out of 10


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