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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 4 (Review)

Last week ended as Rem and Celeste are confronted by a Fallen. Their efforts to survive only leave them with an option of running away and they are eventually cornered…until Emile, the self-proclaimed protector of women appears. Elsewhere, Diablo faces off against an opponent that actually manages to deal some damage since his arrival to within the game world. However, is she even close to strong enough to stop the Demon Lord, Diablo?
  This episode actually reeled me in. Up until…the last..4 minutes, (give or take), I was actually hooked. The Fallen demon’s strength combined with his lack of hesitation of killing anyone in sight and Diablo’s range of power to slay whatever opponent he meets regardless of the amount of foes had me on edge. However, the best parts of Episode 3 belong to the lesser characters Emile and Edelgard.
  Emile was an hilarious addition to last week’s episode with his antics however, this week he takes a whole new light. Even though he is clearly much weaker than his opponent, he stays around to withstand all of the magical abuse he can until Diablo shows up. Surprisingly to me, Diablo and I were on the same wavelength as he thanks him for protecting Rem and Celeste as best he could. I was actually worried Emile was going to die which means…sigh…I actually care about this damn show now.
  Edelgard is very similar to Emile this week as she taps into her own powers to attack Diablo, however Edelgard is clearly much stronger than Emile. If this show gets popular enough to warrant a spin off, Edelgard should be first in line for a show of her own. I deeply desire to know where she comes from and how she developed the strength she possesses. Sure, she doesn’t do much to Diablo, (he suffers from anime male protagonist syndrome), but her strength should definitely be showcased more in the series. Whether she later becomes an even more powerful foe or gets her own spinoff, I really want the chance to get more time with her. Unfortunately though, I fear she could potentially end up a part of his harem.
  Although this week does take a nose dive into unnecessary, (but this time kind of amusing), fanservice this week, How Not To Summon A Demon Lord certainly will please fans and its guilty pleasure viewers this week.


Rating: 9 out of 10


2 comments on “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 4 (Review)

  1. I totally agree. I was really into this week’s episode and I also started actually caring about whether Emile was going to die. And then the last few minutes were back to the over the top fan-service elements, but I think it is clear at this point there is enough other stuff going on with the characters and plot that unless you object to fan-service in general, there’s definitely a reason to stick around with this one at the moment.


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