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Happy Sugar Life – Episode 3 (Review)

  Shit gets real af!!!!
  Ok, last we saw Satou she was about to murder what is assumed to be Shio’s older brother while. As typical of most anime cliffhangers of the horror genre, she puts down the crowbar and the pair separates. Meanwhile, Shio has been left alone far longer than Satou has ever left her and gathers the courage to finally leave their home. Her journey into the night is long and full of terrors.
This show definitely has addressed the issue I feared the most; Shio is very young. This was clear to see from the beginning but I was fully in denial. Clearly this show is going to break some ground in the eyes of some and be even further divisive as every fuck imaginable. I feel guilty for even watching the show but it manages not to go too far and I highly doubt that Satou and Shio have even had sex. I believe she has been kidnapped and my theory that Shio is actually older than she visually appears has been disproven after Shio meets Taiyo.
 If viewers like myself that cannot turn away from this anime have learned nothing else this week, this show is picking the fuck up in suspense. This whole episode was a cringe fest as Taiyo implies a more than friendly desire for Shio and he nearly holds her in his own home until he gets his ass beat. There has never been such a well timed ass beating until that moment. Before we even get to the uncomfortable time Shio with Taiyo, we are left to dissect tons of information.
  Shio’s assumed older brother seems to have saved her from the abuse of their father. He gives Shio to a woman who takes care of her in his stead but we clearly hear the voice, (and before long a terrifying figure), of a man saying he must be punished. This gives such a chunk of backstory to Shio’s life that it wouldn’t surprise me if Satou could be seen as somewhat of a undeserving savior in Shio’s eyes.
  However, Satou is scary in her own right in this episode. Her response to their separation creates such high tension that a part of me was hoping she showed up to save Shio from Taiyo. Then I had to remember that she’s at the very minimum holding a missing child, (that she most likely kidnapped), in her home.
  Episode 3 answers a few questions while leaving plenty room to expect increased intensity and social commentary as Happy Sugar Life progresses.

 Rating: 10 out of 10

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