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Edens Zero – Chapter Five (Review)

A new chapter of Fairy Tail Alternative…I mean Edens Zero has arrived. Immediately we are introduced to a character Xiaomei who helps us set the story back on track…a bit. Rebecca, Shiki, and Happy are still questioning the existence of the man in Professor Weisz’ home. After an ambush, our trio discovers that somehow they’ve travelled 50 years into the past and the man they see was actually a younger version of Professor Weisz.
  Alright, I’m not even going to act like this week’s chapter makes sense because it doesn’t. Xiaomei tells readers to disregard time being an important factor to the series and yet…time is very much essential to this chapter. It’s like Hiro Mashima wants readers to not understand this new project.
  It’s beautifully drawn as Fairy Tail, (Rave Master, who?), but every week I have developed more questions than answers. The most obvious one being, ‘Why does every character look like someone out of Fairy Tail?!” I have finally developed a theory and I’m sure it’s not true but what’s it hurt to say it?
 If these lookalikes are not the children or grandchildren of the cast of Fairy Tail, I think this series could be what Lucy was writing while she was in Fairy Tail. That would make sense as to why the characters look so much like Fairy Tail characters, because she was writing a  weird, alternate version of her life. Rebecca would be Lucy, Shiki is Natsu, Happy is…Happy, Erza is Elsie, Laxus is Weisz, Wendy is Labila, etc.
  Either way, Edens Zero has way too many questions than answers but still keeps me interested every week. I don’t know where the story is heading and I’m not sure if the story does either, but the ride is pretty…and confusing.

Rating: 7 out of 10
Photo: Crunchyroll Manga

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