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Happy Sugar Life – Episode 2 (Review)

  At the end of the dark series opener, viewers learn it’s highly possible that Satou committed murder as she sits near stuffed plastic bags with blood stains the bottom. At the beginning of this episode, Satou is trying to get rid of one of said bags but feels like she is being watched. For the first time we see Satou in her high school as she sits with friends and is confronted by a teacher wishing for her well being after hearing of the deaths of her father and mother.  Elsewhere, a boy is putting up flyers for Shio, a missing young girl.
A whole lot happens in this episode and all of the implications made from this episode seems to shape this story as being one of the darkest yet. Once again, I have to applaud the series for tackling closeted sexuality so well. Satou is constantly asked about her new boyfriend but manages to keep it to herself. However as the series has revealed, that’s also because she’s holding a victim of a kidnapping in her apartment.
  We also learn that a lot of men go crazy for her so much so that it reminds me of Junji Ito’s Tomie, a manga about a young seductress who lures men to their deaths. In the case of Satou, she’s actually a lesbian however men keep trying to be with her. This time we learn of a former customer at her cafe job that was obsessed with her so initially we would think that’s her stalker, but the stalker turns out to be her teacher.
His faux concern earlier in the episode actually was just an excuse to talk to Satou. His deep in lust for her holds no bounds and implies in interest in killing whoever she lives with so he can have her. Satou snaps into yandere mode and ends up using his lust to her advantage later. Elsewhere, the cafe Satou works gets a new employee, (insert name here); the boy who was sexually abused by his manager in the previous episode. He claims he has fallen in love too…and the identity of his love interest completely caught me by surprise.
happy satou
  The most interesting part is the brief time we spend with Shio before Satou gets home. She clearly has to be a child or one of my few theories regarding her age, (one of which is what I call the School-Live complex where Shio acts younger and more naive than she truly is to block out her emotional trauma), as she cleans up their apartment. Before Satou enters, Shio has a conversation with an apparition I assume to be her mother and mentions a desire to be taken away. This a sharp contrast to her behavior in the first episode and when Satou enters and implies that Shio may be faking affection towards her captor.
 Episode 2 is filled Happy Sugar Life with even more despair as we learn about the characters and still holds its title as the darkest anime of the summer.

Rating: 10 out of 10


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