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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 3 (Review)

  Rem is shaken by the sudden quest announced on behalf of Celes. She believes the quest, (delivering a package), is far too simple to be without an ulterior motive and she no longer wants to be in her debt. Her lack of interest means Diablo and Shera will have to shoulder the quest by themselves but before they go their separate ways, they are approached by a warrior named Emilie. Emilie prides himself on being a champion for women and challenges Diablo for the freedom of Rem and Shera…although they are not his slaves at all. Later, Diablo finds himself in the middle of an invasion lead by a foes who seem to not fear his display of power.
   I went into this episode already under the assumption that I would not finish it. I thought the show was going to dive even further into uninspired, unapologetic rehashing of basic, hypermasculine, anime fan service trash. Instead…the vast majority  of this week’s episode was hilarious, exciting, and even left me wanting the next episode.
Emilie was definitely one of the highlights of Episode 3. His blatant disregard of logic combined with his low level in comparison to Diablo made for a hilarious exchange. In fact, Diablo does something that largely does not happen; Attacking an enemy as they are powering up their attack. I never understood how that works in turn based RPGs for an enemy or even the character you play as to just stand around and wait to get fucked the fuck up. I’ve been getting back into turn based games thanks to the mobile phone game Knights Chronicle but still, common sense clearly doesn’t apply to the turned based RPG game style. However, Diablo didn’t have time to waste and did precisely what I wanted all my nerd life.
  Fan-service still found a way into this week, however it’s just a brief moment with Shera and Diablo and thankfully it’s not excessive. They get back in focusing on the quest which by the way, goes into a whole new direction for the show. Celes meets with Rem which gives a chance to show some character development and show the audience a bit of dark side in this title.
  This week was full of more video game terms, action, comedy, and far less unnecessary fan-service week is shaping up to be another exciting episode as Diablo faces off against a fearless opponent and Rem and Celes are cornered by a Fallen. Hopefully they stay on this track throughout the rest of the season, although I have a small feeling that this could go into a harem direction soon as more women are introduced.

Rating: 8 out of 10


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