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Angels of Death – Episode 3 (Review)

After being confronted by a young boy named Eddie, Rachel and Zack have been separated. Eddie doesn’t like Zack at all for he has fallen in love with Rachel upon reading her file. Her profile is a perfect fit for his desires and aesthetic so he desires to give Rachel exactly what she wants; to die.
I really did not expect this episode to turn out as it did. This is by no fault of the artists or the voice actors, because the cast so far excels at bringing the characters to life ESPECIALLY Zack. That scary ass laugh of his still makes me cringe when I hear it. This episode was a disappointment in terms of writing.
  As I have read and reviewed the first 3 volumes of the manga, I complained about Rachel’s dialogue being repeated over and over again however some characters were written strong enough to make the series compelling. One of said characters is Eddie Mason. Eddie’s past is dark and would have been exactly the kind of horrifying push to make viewers put up with Rachel’s boring lines this week. Instead, what we were given is Eddie as a child with a desire to kill Rachel with literally no backstory to him.
  I feel this was gravely unfair because instead he looks like a just a brat rather than a child obsessed with death. I get that the show isn’t about Eddie but they could have just done what Juni Taisen did; introduce a character, give us some flashbacks, and kill them off. Instead…I am left with extreme disappointment.
  Hopefully the antagonist of the next floor gets better on-screen treatment and Rachel’s lines won’t mainly consist of some variation of “are you really going to kill me?; Please kill me; You swore to god that you would kill me” next week.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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