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Edens Zero – Chapter Four (Review)

  Fairy Tail Galaxy…I mean, Edens Zero left readers off with the knowledge that the planet Norma has been destroyed, which is interesting considering that’s where Rebecca, Shiki, and Happy are heading. They land…well, crash onto Norma and Rebecca warns Shiki of the weather conditions on this planet; Ether crystals falling from the sky. She explains what Ether is to Shiki and takes him underground where the residents live in hopes to find an old friend.
  Sigh. This was probably one of the shortest chapters thus far. I anticipate every new chapter as the days pass and each new chapter KEEPS giving us a new character that looks like a guild member of Fairy Tail. If this series isn’t supposed to be tied to his former work, I’m really gonna need Mashima to get more creative in character designs otherwise, homeboy is lazy as all hell in that department.
  Not only was this short, the ending implies something so huge for it to only be Chapter 4 of the manga. My theory is that since on July 25th we get a new Fairy Tail sequel, perhaps this is just a setup for the new sequel. It would make sense as to why they look so much alike, but I wonder how he would tie all of it together cohesively. Or perhaps, the implications aren’t really implications at all and just a trick to play with our minds until Chapter Five.
  Hiro Mashima is racking up a whole lot more questions in Edens Zero this week and although one are getting answered, I’m still gonna stick around if for nothing else…I got nothing. I’m oddly and borderline obsessively into this and can’t explain why.

Rating: 7 out of 10
Photo: Crunchyroll Manga

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