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Revue Starlight – Episode One (Review)

At a prestigious school for talented girls, Karen Aijo aims to become a star. Unfortunately, she would be going against quite a few other equally or far more talented girls in school. The arrival of a new transfer student named Hikari catches her by complete surprise since she is also her childhood friend she made a promise to. Their promise may have to be placed on the back burner as Karen suddenly becomes a witness, (and later participant), to a mysterious and unconventional audition process.
I had a strong feeling to check this title out when I read the synopsis a few weeks prior to its premiere. Before I go any further though, I love anime streaming services since they connect and introduce me to content with small monthly fees. However, HIDIVE was the wrong place to put this amazing title. It’s so hit or miss streaming  an episode and you have to damn near pray it plays properly and the iPhone app has been out of sight for an embarrassingly long time. Where was Crunchyroll for this title?
  Now that that’s out of the way, that’s the only flaw I have for this episode. I’ve been meaning to try out the idol girl genre for quite some time and it looks like I’ve met what I believe to be the Madoka Magica version of the genre. The episode feels very slice of life and so very moe up until about 9 minutes in. There’s clearly some darkness to uncover as the show progresses and some of the small details reminded me of Yurikuma Arashi.
  Revue Starlight even hints at lesbianism on a larger scale rather than just on stage. Mahiru clearly has a crush on Karen and her jealousy towards the arrival of Hikari is so obvious you can practically see the green coming out of her nose. Even smaller hints of yuri are throughout the episode between other characters that I’m hoping the show will have more blatant same sex affection as the show progresses.
 With beautiful animation, music, dance, action, and suspense, Revue Starlight is one of the much better shows to come from the summer season lineup. I anticipate the next episode almost as much as I desire the next of Happy Sugar Life and Harukana Receive. Shows like these need to give other titles of the season like How Not To Summon A Demon Lord some pointers on originality factors rather than just dishing out the same, tired, hypersexual, hypermasculine crap aimed at heterosexual men.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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