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Angels Of Death – Episode 2 (Review)

  Picking up after the gruesome murder of Danny, Rachel and Zack are still trying to escape the building. Rachel and Zack make an agreement upon their escape but escaping their captivity is no easy feat. Stumbling upon graves and eventually a room that has detailed profiles on others including themselves, Rachel learns bits of Zack’s and that they are being watched by someone. Someone that claims to know Rachel’s true desire…and has already began the work of making it happen.
This week is definitely where things take a turn for the repetitive in terms of dialogue in the manga and the anime deviates from the source material only slightly. Rachel does mention her desire to die a few times but thankfully this episode more so focuses on Zack’s past and the introduction of their new foe.
 We learn Zack is much less bark than his bite as a flashback happens that shows him murdering a woman. Rachel clearly could get her wish at his hands if they stick together, though I wonder if this series will eventually pair them up as lovers. A slight blush spreads on Jack’s face at one point in the episode and if that were to happen, the series could be grow more weird to watch.
  Unlike the manga adaptation, it’s growing clearer that Rachel could know much more about herself than she appears to. Zack wasn’t the only profile she came across as they split up; She came across her own and there were no hints as to what she has done outside of the change in her eyes. In the previous episode, she seemed to desire to live until she puts memories back together after provocation from Danny before his demise.    Hopefully Angels of Death can answer questions the manga cannot for quite awhile and next week, we should be spending much more time with their terrifying new enemy, (I was really hoping for more than what was given of him in this episode, but it could be well worth the wait).

Rating: 8 out of 10

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