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Happy Sugar Life – Episode 1 (Review)

One of the most anticipated anime series of the summer season has finally premiered and it’s packed with all the fucked up shit I imagined just from reading a synopsis about it. Happy Sugar Life is here to put viewers tired of the regular uneasy and quite frankly, terrified.
Satou is a beautiful teenaged girl who finds herself as the love, (or as could be implied as sexual),  interest of various men she rejects all for the love of another girl she lives with named Shio. These girls love each other and because of that, Satou decides to make more money to make sure they can live comfortably. However, she will not tolerate many obstacles that stand in between the time she could be spending with Shio and murder may not be out of the question.
  Dark, heavy, and much more wrongdoing implied, Happy Sugar Life is the answer to my quiet need for more yandere archetypes. The first episode alone is a lot to process and a second viewing stings a lot more than the first because viewers can catch things one may not have the first time. The first episode has quite a few themes but one of which is a struggle that a lot of LGBTQ people struggle with daily; Being closeted.
  Satou’s history prior to her love with Shio seems to paint an image of her being unhappy with men. There’s a quick moment very early in the episode that shows pictures of Satou with various men looking completely disinterested to the point that it even shows in her eyes. The men who approach her to date are swiftly rejected whereas with the women who are jealous of her, she compliments. Her closeted sexuality in the workplace is also apparent at her jobs when she brings up her love life, she’s cartel to avoid mentioning she’s in love with another woman. Later on though, she nearly lets it slip out as she blackmails her manager into receiving her proper pay.
  Though she being in love with another girl isn’t wrong by itself, her love interest appears to be an even younger girl. It’s not addressed as of yet whether the girl is just short for her age but as it stands now, this anime could be about a young sexual predator and certain scenes between the two girls could grow extremely difficult to watch . Thankfully there’s nothing sexual in nature outside of a bathing scene as of yet so I’m hoping the girl is just short although I question if she’s even real to begin with.
Happy Sugar Life is already off to a thought provoking start as it tackles love, abuse, sexual harassment, and heavily implies death and murder in just the first episode alone. This show would be a perfect find for fans of Future Diary’s Yuno Gasai and fans of the deceiving Doki Doki Literature Club. I’m certainly keeping my eyes on this new episodes every week as they are released on Amazon.

Rating: 10 out of 10



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