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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord – Episode 2 (Review)

After Diablo flexes his magical powers against enemies at the end Episode 1, Diablo wakes up in bed with Shera and Rem. He sees that he is still within the world of Cross Reverie, the video game he played as Diablo the Demon Lord. The group explores the town and Diablo notices the sharp contrast between human and demihuman residents and later, Shera is pursued by an elven kingdom that wishes for her to return to her place as a princess.
The very start of this anime is literally a copy and paste of so many anime series with a similar plot that I nearly turned it off. The male protagonist waking up in bed with women and fondling them with a hand he “can’t control” is so overdone and at this point just lazy, sexist storytelling. Afterwards, the episode is slightly funny and focuses on the world around Diablo but began to redeem itself with Shera’s backstory.
  Shera turns out to be royalty who fled from her position of status, wealth, and power to become an adventurer. Although this storyline is not uncommon by any means, it was awesome to hear Shera assert that she belongs to herself and will continue on her path as she sees fit. The weight of her words gets lost when Diablo decides to show off more of his magical abilities, Shera says that she needs Diablo, and the last few minutes of the story is thrown into unoriginal territory yet again as Diablo is in bed fondling her as they talk.
  I stuck around this heap of crap because I needed a break from the bloodiness of the summer season but if next week’s episode has even less originality, I won’t be watching anymore. There’s plenty of fantasy anime with fanservice/harem elements much more entertaining than this that it’s nearly embarrassing to keep watching.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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