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Edens Zero – Chapter Three (Review)

  Edens Zero left off with introducing a character by the name of Elsie by took readers to a whole different direction by with Rebecca, Shiki, and Happy. At the adventurer’s guild Shooting Starlight, Rebecca intends to get Shiki enlisted while Shiki attempts to make friends with anyone he meets. He sees a holographic image of whom the guild calls Mother, a mysterious woman that no one knows much about and Shiki feels he has met her. Rebecca’s BCube rival, Labilia, soon appears to taunt and ridicule Rebecca but Shiki gets an idea that’s sure to bring more views to Rebecca’s channel; Meeting Mother.
  This chapter takes a huge break from the action of the previous chapters to introduce even more characters that are from or look like a variation of the cast of Fairy Tail. Chapter 3 feels a lot shorter most likely for the same reason but certainly isn’t boring since this chapter sets up the next chapter and beyond. I was hoping to get more time with Elsie in this chapter but she only returns at the end of this chapter as she looks for Shiki and reveals a truth about the planet Rebecca, Shiki, and Happy are heading towards
  Although sitting back from the heavy use of Ether Gear and Ether Bullets, Edens Zero Chapter 3 is a much needed read for fans of the series and next week should be even more intriguing.

 Rating: 9 out of 10
 Photo: Crunchyroll Manga

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