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How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord -Episode One (Review)

  I cannot express enough how tired I am of overused anime plots. Dudes getting pulled from real life and stuck inside the video games they play has grown old. Even Overlord Season 2 has been feeling like I’ve been watching the Chimera Ants Arc of HunterxHunter all over again. Somehow or another though, I decided to at least TRY this new summer title before judging too harshly.
Shera and Rem attempt to summon a Demon Lord to aid them and instead summon, Diablo. Diablo is indeed a powerful demon Lord however, he is also a video game character played by who is trapped in Diablo’s body. Their summoning spell backfires due to Diablo’s powerful accessory that reflects all magic so Shera and Rem become enslaved to him. Diablo is nervous and confused about all of this, but determined to continue on and refuses to be seen as anything less than a Demon Lord.
  Although the amount of fan service clearly is aimed at horny nerds who may or not use deodorant, I can see a bit of its appeal. The first episode feels like a combination of the kind of humor in Konosuba and the action in the first season of Overlord. The art style is beautiful and the battle scenes maintain my interest.
I wish this show maybe had a woman as the demon lord just to switch things up a bit or even just not so much of the same all the time with its plot. Overlord 3 starts soon, Goblin Slayer comes out this year, and there’s so many more coming or past hits far too similar to this title. I’m willing to stick around to see the next episode but hopefully something else other than its art style keeps me interested.


Rating: 7 out of 10

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