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Angels Of Death – Episode One (Review)

  When I learned that Angels of Death was receiving an anime adaptation, I was completely worried. The story is decent but the writing was hit or miss with an emphasis on miss concerning the protagonist Rachel. I knew full well that the story has some high creepy factors in reading the manga but in adaptation, could be easily twisted into comedy. I braced myself for the episode to completely bore me but I was in for a surprise.
Trapped in a building with no recollection of getting inside, Rachel soon hears a voice on over an intercom say she is to be sacrificed. She’s scared and attempts to escape but instead she meets the first person who wishes to kill her, Zack. Managing to escape Zack, she runs into a doctor who claims to know her…and says she has the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen.
  This first episode was actually really well done and faithful to its manga adaptation.
  Rachel isn’t repeating herself too much yet so things are already off to a good start in that department especially when the characters show up to attempt to kill her. Zack’s laugh made me uneasy with his creepy laugh as he chases Rachel and his lines carry much of the creepiness as intended. Doctor Danny was a lot scarier in the episode compared to his manga counterpart and that probably because his desire for Rachel’s eyes feel much more real in the adaptation.
  Angels of Death is off to a strong start and next week, we should be spending time with one of the most terrifying villains I’ve ever read. 

Rating: 10 out of 10

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