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Steven Universe: Made of Honor and Reunited Review

The time has come for the Summer Steven Bomb to end. This story arc reaches its game changing and heart warming conclusion over the span of the final two episodes.
Made of Honor follows the gang as they plan the wedding of Ruby and Sapphire. Everything is falling into place until Sapphire realizes that none of her own friends will be able to attend, (wonder who can be blamed for that? Hmm…). Steven decides to bring a gem out of her bubble to attend the wedding; Bismuth. Initially angry and hurt, Bismuth attempts to unbubble more gems until she realizes what happened and Steven tells her the story of Pink the trash. She is fully supportive and happy to learn of the marriage ceremony, but worries about whether she is truly welcome to attend. To her surprise, she was dearly missed by her old friends and welcomed with love.
Reunited is a 3 part emotional roller-coaster. Our homeboy Steven is singing his way through a good chunk of the episode about focusing on love instead of anger. The ceremony runs smoothly, beautifully, the humans of Beach City attend including Connie, and the best part is Ruby and Sapphires equal amount of speed to share a kiss. Garnet looks even more beautiful than ever in what I can only describe as a Tux-dress and flowers in her hair. The love carries over into the reception until the arrival of Yellow and Blue Diamond.
  The Crystal Gems versus the Diamonds looks like a battle straight out of an MMORPG. Every individual showing their own strength to take out their foe, including the long awaited arrival of Lapis Lazuli, (Peridot looked like she wanted to kiss her and I was waiting for it to happen but no dice). Steven eventually uses his strongest power to eventually diffuse the situation; his voice of reason.
I was pissed the Diamonds just had to mess up the whole wedding vibe but this gave a great opportunity for the character development of Lapis Lazuli. Strong but also full of fear, Lapis shocked the hell out of me by arriving in general much less actively participating in fighting Yellow and Blue Diamond. The battle was an extremely important moment for her but its conclusion sets up plenty of room for character development in the future.
  We have spent so much time being against the Diamonds so now that the full story is, (for the most part), out in the open, I wonder what will happen next. White Diamond has yet to appear in Steven Universe but could throw off the potential changes in Yellow and Blue Diamond…or they could go against her too. The future of Steven Universe looks very bright and the representation of LGBTQ characters makes me hopeful for the future of young queer viewers, especially in the face of so much tragic homophobia happening to kids this year alone.
  Representation truly does matter to viewers like us. A tv show that is unafraid of showing youth and even adult fan working through their identity/sexuality some positive, loving reflections of ourselves is so important for the mental health of our community.


Rating: 100 out of 10


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