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Edens Zero: Chapter Two Review

Chapter Two of Edens Zero has been released on Crunchyroll Manga and is even better than the first. Rebecca, Shiki, and Happy land on the planet Blue Garden to register Shiki as an adventurer. Unfortunately, Happy is kidnapped with an intent to be sold for his worth. Once Shiki and Rebecca meet with the kidnapper and his gang once again, secrets are revealed including how Rebecca and Happy met.
  This series is rolling along smoothly yet typical for Hiro Mashima with its theme of friendship like Fairy Tail and many others but this time we learn Rebecca has some abilities of her own. Shiki uses Ether Gear to attack foes while Rebecca has a mecha gun with ether bullets. I was really hoping that Shiki wouldn’t be alone on the battlefield as Rebecca is being handled as a damsel in distress with minor to hardly ever used, back burner abilities until very late in the series, (aka Lucy of Fairy Tail). There’s even some hints beyond character designs that this series may be a spin off of sorts in ties with Fairy Tail as a character’s great grandfather is mentioned as a Demon King but not by name.
 Edens Zero remains an anticipated read from me especially since Chapter 3 has the potential for things to pick up even more with the glimpse of a character that looks a lot like our beloved Titania.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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